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    Our Services / Logistics


    GLOBE-TEX operations simplifies your logistics process by offering both FOB and DDP delivery options. Our staff can provide door-to-door service from the factory to your warehouse. For replenishment programs, GLOBE-TEX can warehouse merchandise on both the east and west coast.

    We treat your business like our own, and aim to succeed with you. To ensure that your goods are shipped correctly, efficiently and safely, we have engineered a detailed infrastructure that spans every step of the logistics and distribution process. From the time your goods leave the factory to when they reach your customers, we ensure you have visibility enabling you to manage your business at the highest level.

    We are CTPAT Certified and have a strong network for moving freight throughout Asia and Latin America.

  • Turnkey Operations

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    Our Services / Turnkey Operations

    Turnkey Operations

    GLOBE-TEX brings Full Turnkey Manufacturing and Sourcing Solutions.

    • Design presentations
    • Fabric sourcing and innovation
    • Cross world sourcing in Central America and Asia
    • Best in class manufacturing facilities for all types of apparel and accessories
    • Ability to produce all genders and sizes
    • Specialty in active and athleisure apparel
    • Flexible manufacturing set ups for both large and small production runs
    • Ability to hold fabric in both dyed and greige form for replenishment programs
    • Warehousing and replenishment from both east and west coast
    • 25+ years of experience in offshore manufacturing and sourcing
    • Social responsible manufacturing with compliant factories
    • Full Logistics services and CTPAT certified for importation into the United States and worldwide distribution
  • Product Development

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    Our Services / Product Development

    Product Development

    Globe-tex Product Development Team is an extension of your Brand. Our designers work to interpret your ideas and concepts into production realities. We offer comprehensive design and development that starts from conception and encompasses all the steps until the final product is approved. Our goal is to develop products that are innovative and of the highest quality; designed to define your brand while distinguishing it from the rest.

    We offer the following services:

    • Seasonal trend and color forecast
    • Story boards and cads
    • Product and technical design
    • Fabric and material development
    • Trim development
    • Pattern making
    • Graphic and print design

    Our team is driven by the successes of your brand.

  • Quality Control

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    Our Services / Quality Control

    Quality Control

    The key to excellent quality begins with strong planning, execution, and follow-through. Our quality processes start at the pre-production phase, continuing in-line to final inspection and packing and shipping.

    Quality and delivery are the two most important factors in offshore manufacturing. With offices in each of the countries in which we manufacture, as well as quality control auditors in every factory in which we operate, we can ensure the strictest quality and professionalism. All of the factories go through a stringent quality approval process, along with continuous monitoring and verification, and all product and raw material inputs are tested to meet and surpass industry standards.

    Close, personal relationships and clear communication with management at all of our factories are part of our core expertise, and are imperative to the delivery of quality merchandise. We institute a series of checkpoints and document the flow of production in order to maintain consistent quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.

  • Social Compliance

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    Our Services / Social Compliance

    Social Compliance

    GLOBE-TEX’s mission is to make sure everything we source is produced ethically and in accordance with the local laws and standards. We work with our factories to have continuous monitoring of social compliance and improve standards.

    We require that all vendors who produce our products participate in a comprehensive social compliance audit process.

    Globe-Tex’s policy includes:

    • Nondiscrimination
    • No forced labor
    • No child labor
    • Freedom of association
    • Health, safety and environmental safety
    • Fair compensation and social insurance
    • No subcontracting

    All Customers or 3rd Party inspection services are welcome at all facilities.

  • Strategic Manufacturing

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    Our Services / Strategic Manufacturing

    Strategic Manufacturing

    GLOBE-TEX has a global network of manufacturers located in both Asia and Central America. Our unique sourcing matrix allows us to manufacture products for cost benefit and quick turn replenishment programs. Each factory we work with is best in class for that particular category. Whether it is fleece, polo shirts, high performance active wear or protective on-field game ready apparel, we have a factory that specializes in that product.

    Each product that is sourced goes through a detailed planning process that starts with cross world costing and operation evaluation to provide our customers with strategic options to meet their specific quality, delivery and pricing requirements.

    In all of our manufacturing locations we have boots on the ground…merchandisers, quality control, compliance, production managers and logistics.


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