The Company

Founded in 1995 by identical twin brothers, Robert and Stuart Hurvitz, GLOBE-TEX is a private label apparel sourcing and manufacturing company. Over the last 23 years, GLOBE-TEX has expanded from its original base in San Francisco to include offices in New York, Asia and Central America to capitalize on strategic production opportunities.

GLOBE-TEX provides turnkey manufacturing solutions for both large and small companies. If you’re interested in finding the right program that will allow you to source high quality apparel and related items contact GLOBE-TEX, the company behind the brands.

The People

GLOBE-TEX has a highly trained, experienced group of people that come together to provide superior sourcing and manufacturing solutions. We are a Global organization with offices in the United States, Asia and Central America. In every country we are in, GLOBE-TEX employees are on the ground, working on your products. Our Team provides effective communication so you know where you stand in the production process, to allow you to make effective decisions to grow your business.

The GLOBE-TEX team is a strategic partner and acts as a production arm for your organization. We offer Design, Fabric Sourcing, Product Development, Production, Social Compliance, Product Testing, Quality Control, and Logistics

GLOBE-TEX is The Company Behind the Brands.

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